Notes on development process

d7uc.org is not a support site, an issue tracker, a project management system, or a development forum.

Use it for documentation, proposal incubation, meta-discussion, roadmaps, event coordination.

Ubercore project on d.o; separate issue tracker, changed approach to the project.

- LOTS of end user confusion. How will we describe what people are downloading,

We don't want to actively prevent people from contributing from the long tail, but we might passively do so. The design document should not be the feature backlog, because you cannot accept any random contribution. Simply providing voting systems does not encourage substantive contribution and brainstorming. When a patch is contributed mid-sprint, it can percolate in the issue queue and be reviewed between sprints for addition in the feature log of the next sprint.

Open scrum meetings; 2 part IRC chats, one in review and one in preparation, on two separate days.

Ryan Szrama
Posted: Oct 15, 2009


jody on October 15, 2009

Product backlog
Regular releases
Ubuntu model

Solidify design document and standards before coding.
Use d.o. issue queue
Tag issues for sprints, and work on issues tagged for the current sprint
New feature requests/bug reports wait for next sprint for consideration
Avoid API changes during RC
Monthly meetings for sprint review and then beginning next sprint the following day
likely on IRC
Daily can just be on IRC/twitter
Feature prioritization:
Measure sprint velocity in tickets
d7uc.org gives updates on this process and initiatives