Display filtered results on same page

On All products page, user can filter products based on category, but after user click on some category check box user is navigated to another page which shows filtered category products. The design of the new page is totally different, side bar is not displayed on it.

1- Is it possible to display filtered products on same page with the selected category checked?

2- If #1 is possible can we do it using AJAX? (although i am comfortable without AJAX too.)

Posted: Jul 4, 2014


Roman Meier on July 5, 2014

I tried to reproduce this, but cannot.

The normal behavior of Commerce Kickstart is that the sidebar is always showing using All Products whether it is filtered or not.

If you filter using the checkbox e.g. category, then in the next page, the category checkbox selection should not show anymore but all remaining selections, e.g. brand should still be available in the sidebar.

I suspect that you changed some settings but cannot tell you what exactly you did. I'm also new to Commerce Kickstart.