How to test paypal module?

Hi everybody, I am new to drupal commerce so please bear with a dumb question...

I have my site working fine on my local PC with the test payment module, but I want to install paypal. I did that, but when I test it with the sandbox it never shows up that payment has been made. My understanding is that this is because paypal sends back an http post to tell the site that payment was received. However, on a local server those messages don't get through. Is my understanding correct?

So, the only way to test is with a public-facing server - but then, the general public might start buying before I am sure that my processes are all correct.

Catch 22!

So what is the right way to solve this dilemma?

Many thanks for any insights!

Posted: Jun 18, 2014


mikeaja on June 19, 2014

I almost always develop on a public server. Mainly because the client can then see how things are going and because I've experienced too many times when everything worked locally and some issue popped up when moved online, plus I find local servers to be slow with Drupal. I just follow certain procedures to make sure the public (and Google) can not access it. The simplest is just to put it in maintanence mode, and there are various other options to restrict who can access but what you do depends on your own needs I would say.

Anyway, of course this won't work on a local install unless setup in a way that the request can get through, and I'm not sure how that setup would be.

Ron House on June 19, 2014

Thanks mikeaja, The problem as I understand it with this module is that if put in maintenance, or put behind a password, paypal responses don't get through, so one must have it publicly accessible. So this module seems to pose its own special problem. Others must have handled it, so I was hoping someone who has might offer a few suggestions. The best I can think of is a subdomain with an unlikely name that hopefully won't be found out too quickly.