How to add image field to view from Product Type.

I'm not sure how much sense this makes as I've confused myself so much trying to do this.

I'm using Drupal 7.28 and the Drupal Commerce 7.x-1.9.

Basically the image and the description fields are both on the Product Type not the content type as each product has its own description and image.

In my view I now need to add the image field, but I can't add it, which I believe is because the field isn't in the content type.

When I add the 'Content: Referenced Products' relationship to the view, I am then able to add the image field to my view.

However when I then select to link this image field to the original content, the field links to the admin page where I edit the product - not the content type node that is displaying the product.

Also, after adding the image field, the view lists the image for every single product variation whereas I just need one image that links to the node.

Posted: May 22, 2014