Commerce User Profile Pane

Please help with two new field created with Commerce User Profile Pane module. I have created two new fields on the checkout page. When I fill in the fields during checkout I am not seeing where the data is going, it is not in order or on the account or details tab. I can see the fields on the account tab but not with the data I entered during checkout.

Also I would like to map these fields to Salesforce, I have other working maps for fields in checkout, all are working expect for the two created with the user profile pane.

The fields were created by: Admin - configuration - people - account settings - manage fields then I made a rule to show the fields during checkout all is good except for finding the entered data

Thanks for your help.


Posted: Apr 3, 2014


mikeaja on April 6, 2014

Can you see the fields when editing the View for the checkout page or order?

As far as I know, fields mapped to Salesforce need to be specified explicitly (perhaps even in both systems). In a different CRM system I used was to be done, I believe, in an .info file.

There is also www.drupalcommerce.org/questions.