product & attribute design direction

I have a database of 200,000+ records with attributes. Each record has one or more associated digital files (ascii, pdf, jpg). Each file type is considered a "data type" (6 different data types).

I want to sell these data types (which have values, i.e.: ascii file would cost $50.00USD, and a jpg would cost $4.00USD).

I can create each data type as a product type, but then when I upload my products, I would duplicate the records/attributes up to 6 times. On the other hand, I could create each record as an individual product with all attributes as fields, but then add 6 additional fields to hold a boolean value to indicate whether the record has that particular data type (digital file) associated with it. However, this presents a problem with structuring the varied cost associated with each data type.

Note: I've very new to drupal and drupal commerce.

Any advice as to how to structure and set up this type of store?

Posted: Mar 21, 2014