Commerce site with multi sellers


I am creating first Drupal Commerce project.
I wonder is this project very complicated from technical perspective.

My experience:
I created four Drupal sites, three simple and one more complicated is under development (product directory).

Project idea:
On e-shop there are shop owner and partners (sellers).
Partners – can list their products to sell.

Every partner sees only his/her orders in order list and sales.
Owner – sees all orders in order list.

Single order report (mostly probably view) should contain such line info:

Product Amount Price Partner
Product – link to product (product node)
Partner – link to partner

Only owner can change order status (from pending to complete etc)

Also order lists will be necessary (with date and status filters):
Owner – see all orders
Partner – see only his/her own orders

Payment are in cash (paid to courier) – paid to owner. Owner then makes payments for partners manually.

When order is placed, both partner and owner are informed by email.
When order status is changed, partner is also informed.

I think I will need to use rules module widely.
What other modules could be useful ?

I am using Commerce Kickstart 1.
Is Kickstart 2 is better ?

I tried to use marketplace module however it gives me serious errors.
Only commerce store and commerce store permissions does not give errors.

Development site is:

Any advice or comment is welcome.

Kind regars,

Posted: Feb 26, 2014


Steven Heley on February 26, 2014

It's a much needed function and i to have been trying to get the marketplace running with the same problems.

Biggest shame i've found with Drupal in general is it's all nice and open source until you look for answers!..