Subscriptions payment with DC

Hi! I'm building a payment system for subscriptions using DC. I have got it working right now, but I have some stuff which doesn't work.

I'd like to hear first from you your opinion about the arquitecture I chose:

1. I have a subscription content type where I keep user data
2. In Commerce Order, I have a entity reference field pointing to my "subscription"
3. I have a product/product display with a fixed price
4. After a user creates a new subscription, I redirect the user to a page with an "add to cart form" for my product
5. The user follows all the process until the payment
6. In the end of the process ( in a rule ), I recover the subscription nid ( I kept that in step 4 in session ) and save it in the order

As I said, I wanted to know whether there's another simpler way to achieve this, because I'm not able to fully do the step 6. I can save the subsc. nid in the order, but I can't make the reference, so my process is not 100% automatic.

Any idea/suggestion?



Posted: Feb 14, 2014