Pricelist per user (Custom price per product and per user)

Hi, I have a complicated situation!

I need one pricelist per user! What I mean:
I have 500 customers that have different price per product on my ERP. So one pricelist per user.
I have 1000 products.
So, have I need to create 500x1000=500000 rules?

I search something about pricelist er user to use them during order.

Some help on this please?

Posted: Jan 11, 2014


tarasiadis on July 5, 2014

I think something more useful but I can't find the way to implement.
I think that a rule to calculate the sale price is the best way. OK I can set a custom rule to modify the price and set a certain amount.
But how can I set something more dynamic, like a sql query that search and find the appropriate price and set it to modified price?
In general how can I set in commerce rules on some field a dynamic variable that comes from a sql query?

joshmiller Josh Miller on August 25, 2014

Custom Pricing Rules that are created from spreadsheets and brought in via Migrate is probably the quickest solution.

A possibility is to create a relationship between each user and each product and then have one rule that sets the price based on a price field on that relationship.

Would be a nightmare to manage with a custom interface and almost impossible to manage without one.