Restricting Sales of Specific Products Based on Geography with Rules


I am trying to use rules to restrict customers from buying certain products in states and cities where they are illegal (ie slingshots in New Mexico). I know this can be done, but I cannot seem to find the right combination. For actions, I need to redirect to the cart review page and display a site message telling them that their order cannot be completed and so on. The conditions I am using are product sku and postal code matching specific fields I have entered. The biggest question mark seems to be what event to use. I set it to complete checkout and it redirects and gives the message after the sale goes through. I tried on select a method of payment, and I could get the redirect, but the message stayed on the payment page. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I have been going cross-eyed reading online and trying different combinations the last several days.


Posted: Dec 15, 2011