product cost field calculated as unit price in admin PO

My company works with an outside manufacturer, so for every order we receive and sell at UNIT PRICE, we need to generate a PO that we send to our manufacturer with the same SKUS and QUANTITIES from the order but calculated with a custom field called COST. I tried creating a view with the line item table and then creating a rule to calculate the product price and change it to the COST field, however this does not work because the action of calculating product price is not fired off when simply viewing this new view. I am guessing I can do what I want with a combination of views and rules (views to create the PO and rules to change the price) but I can't seem to figure out how. Anyone done somethings similar?

Posted: Dec 15, 2011


Thomas Isabelle on June 3, 2013

ewyglend: Did you ever figure our how to do this?

I have a site that sells a product that I buy at a specific cost, then mark it up to a selling price. Different products have different mark-ups. Each product I have needs a selling "price" that can be displayed to the customer as they make the purchase as well as a dealer "cost" that is hidden only to be viewed by the "admin" user role. The question is, how do I create that cost as a field to be displayed only without connection to the "price"? Both "price" and "cost" will be uploaded on a csv price list.

Thank you for posing the question and sharing any help you may have learned about this in the past year and a half since your post.

Best, Tom