Looking for a module that provides "you may also like..." display

Hey guys - as per the title I am looking for a module which allows display of related products from a product display node.

For an example of what I mean see http://www.henryarlington.com/clothing-and-accessories/shirts/bridgeport... - this site was built with Drupal 6 and Ubercart but I'm not sure of the module it is using.

I've been through the list of contrib modules on this site but couldn't see anything. If there is no module available what would be the best way to do this?


Posted: Dec 15, 2011


commercestudy on December 15, 2011

Commerce module developer, Prince Manfred, was building a module for this. But he has not been seen in the last 3 weeks around Drupal, perhaps he is on Holiday?

The module is called (It is still in sandbox): Commerce also Purchased

From the sandbox page, it says: Tracks user orders to generate the recommendation, Customers who purchased this also purchased...