How can I display my commerce price (VAT included) on node ?


I'm a new one and I don't find a simple solution for displaying my price (VAT included) on my node.
In my manage display my price field is formatted amount (dsiplaying a calculate price).
Wich rules to do for my result ? I have a tax rate of .18 already done.

Thanks a lot !

Posted: Dec 10, 2011


giv on December 10, 2011

Thanks to xlyz !!!!

I'm using Commerce Price FlexyFormatter it's perfect that's work fine for a simple solution

rfay Randy Fay on December 12, 2011

That's [Commerce Price FlexyFormatter](http://drupal.org/project/commerce_price_flexyformatter) - I'd sure love to have somebody do a comparison of the various add-on price formatter modules available, perhaps with screencast but definitely with screenshots.

The ones I know of:

* [Commerce Extra Price Formatters](http://drupal.org/project/commerce_extra_price_formatters)
* [Commerce Price FlexyFormatter](http://drupal.org/project/commerce_price_flexyformatter)
* [Commerce Price Savings Formatter](http://drupal.org/project/commerce_price_savings_formatter)

Are there others? Do people have recommendations or other recipes?

giv on December 12, 2011

Hello Randy,

Do you have another solution for displaying my price VAT included on my node ?

With FlaxyFormatter you can include a tax rate in for your field commerce price display (me it's a tax 18%) but I have sometimes prices like that 119,99€ or 124.99. And I want exactly a rounded number to the half up.

I don't understand how can I have on my node a price VAT included and on my product line item prices without VAT included. Just price, subtotal, shipping, VAT 18%, Total.

For my node Sales TAX is best tax type because you can (Display taxes of this type inclusive in product prices)
and Tax amount rounding mode -> Round the half up.

I'm really confused and I need help ! How to display my prices on node and on commerce line item ?


giv on December 15, 2011


I need help !

How can I display my commerce order total price without 00,99 ?

Please find in attachment a screenschot where my price total is not rounded.

I'm so tired to find a simple solution :-s

Can you help me please?