Assign a Price RANGE to a Product?

I am looking at implementing Commerce for my site. Our products are fairly unique in that most of them are expensive, with many different options/extra features that affect the final price. There is no way to account for every iteration and list dozens or hundreds of variations for each model. Besides, we don't want to advertise the exact price for most of these big ticket items.

I am thinking about showing a price range, just to give the visitor a ballpark idea of the price range. I want them to think to themselves "Is this product in my budget? Yeah, looks like it"

Normally, I would simply post a product picture, description and a price range without any sort of e-commerce solution. The customer can email or call us for further pricing. But, some of our low-end, smaller products are sort of commodities and we would actually be selling them e-commerce style including a shopping cart, payment processing, etc.

So, to keep it simple, can we run Commerce for all products, and assign a price RANGE for some of the unique products?

Thank you

Posted: Dec 8, 2011


rfay Randy Fay on December 12, 2011

It seems to me you could just add a low price field and an uppper price field and then do a little bit of display work. You can set the main price field to a base amount and work from there.