Add product image in cart view

I want to add the product image in the line item of the cart. So i created a relationship by adding

- (Line Item) Commerce Line item: Product

and then i can add the image field in the fields section. If i am logged in as admin i can see the image in the cart but if i am an anonymous user pr just an authenticated user the cart doesn't show at all. Just the update and checkout buttons. What am i missing here?


Posted: Nov 26, 2011


rfay Randy Fay on December 4, 2011

Yeah, the only problem is that Views 7.x-3.x-rc3 contains security fixes, so if you have a live site and take security seriously, that will be an issue for you.

greenavus on February 20, 2012

Is there a solution to this now? I just started a Drupal 7 commerce site and having the image appear in the checkout corm and shopping cart is a must.

I tried using views 3.0 rc1 but i had errors showing all over the place.