uCompletion message problem with anonymous users only

I'm using paypal module, when i checkout as authenticated user there's no problem.
The bit problem is when I checkout as anonymous, all rules are triggered - New user account is created, email is sent and order is created. But when redirected from paypal's sandbox site page not found appears. Page not found
The requested page "/checkout/20/payment/return/7Lk24PDIS3LxjGoND8MdS9olNbOCLVhRSYAGph1vZtc" could not be found.
manually entered "checkout/20/complete" brings the same error as well, although that order is created in orders list. Permissions for anonymous are the same as authenticated user but authenticated users don't experience that problem? Please help i have no idea where the problem might be, any suggestion are welcomed. Thank you.

Posted: Nov 23, 2011


wetcoaster on January 5, 2012

I just tested 2 payments and had the very same result ".. page not found.." I will let you know if I can find any solution.