Product Auto Creation after node creation

First off thank you for creating an alternative to other carts. Drupal needed this.

I am planning to have OG groups on my site but want the ability for people to contribute to a group. I need a way for each OG group during creation to make a corresponding donate product (or possibly one product that is referenced by the different groups). Also at the end of the month it would be ideal to have a way to have a report made separating out the products to know what and who to pay. Let me know if you could see this working with commerce and some tweaking.

Posted: Nov 20, 2011


dasmoermel on November 21, 2011


You may try Commerce Subscription Products -> http://drupal.org/project/commerce_sp
Product Creation after node cration is easy with a rule.

Take the event: "After saving a new node"
Use a condition "Node is type of (your node type) and as action you create a new entity of your product type and then set up all product values in that rule.