Product without price or add-to-cart

I would like to use the framework of Drupal Commerce to manage a list of products, but I will not be completing transactions on my site. Instead I would like to let a user browse the catalog and read information about products, but instead of clicking "Add to cart" button they could click a link that will take them to another site's page for that product to purchase it there. In other words I would like to set up my site as an affiliate/referral generating site for another vendor. I don't want to try to keep my prices in synch with the vendor all the time so I would rather not display the price.

I tried to create a new type products_no_price. When I go to manage fields I see an option next to the Price field to edit/delete (it is the only default field that offers that option) yet when I try to delete I get a message saying it is locked and cannot be deleted. If that is the case, why offer a delete link at all? Is there a way to get around this limitation? I don't mind plugging in a dummy variable for price and not displaying it, but since the price is in the product I can't disable it in the product-display node. At least I have not learned enough yet to know how I might hide the price on the display side.

I know I could probably set this up without using Commerce, but I kind of want to set it up within Commerce so I can learn the system, and because I hope to eventually evolve to selling products directly so I want my setup to be close to what a true e-commerce platform would require.

Posted: Nov 9, 2011


meltingsand on November 9, 2011

ok, I feel kind of dumb. I've been playing with Commerce, but had not gotten into the Manage Display tab. I looked at Manage Fields and didn't see the Price there so I assumed I could not manage the display. I see that I can now, which should pretty much solve my problem. I'll add a new field for Link out to the sales site. I would still love any input or advice to do what I'm trying in an elegant way. Thanks!