Node Content View using fields only?

Currently, the only method I have found to display products and attributes is using node content, within views, not fields.

I simlply want to create a page to customers with all of my product displays....which includes attributes, product info and add to cart button. I can only do this using views -- node content.

So, I have two products for every (content type) product display. Thus when I create a view to see a list of product displays, Perfect, I add the node title...perfect. I have one list of non-duplicated products.

Next I add my Referenced Product as a relationship, so I can start adding my product attributes and...bang problem! I now see both products for every display, instead of just one. How do I add a filter, relationship, etc...so that I can create a table of product displays with all the attributes and add to cart forms.

What am I missing?

Posted: Nov 6, 2011