Configurable products with multiple individually priced attributes/options

Hi there,

I think I'm probably going to ask a question that has been asked a lot already - but here goes!

The site I am trying to build has various 'base products' that have extensive options for customising those products.

Imagine a luxury toy car - the basic product is the same - and you can choose the colour and finish of body parts and some options (e.g. wheels)

So you may have something like this:



  • Gloss Red: $40
  • Pearlescent: $80
  • Brushed Aluminium: $100


  • Spokes: $50
  • 3-Spoke Alloy: $100


I only really want to have one product (one SKU) - and for the selected attributes/options to alter the base price on the fly.

Additionally each option would have an associated image. I could create a custom field for this in a standard 'entity' but I am not sure how this ties in with pricing.

There was some discussion here about this kind of thing:

I'm pretty confused about what is the most straightforward way for this. I can't create separate products for each variant - this would soon become unmanageable. Each product will have around 20 'attributes' that can be altered - and each attribute around 20 options each with potentially a different price attached...

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance, Kester

Posted: Nov 4, 2011


timodwhit on November 10, 2011

While not Luxury Cars, I am dealing with a similar situation. Saw the other post you mentioned.

It seems like there should be an easy fix/work around (based on the common purchase paths taken) but I have not been able to draw any conclusions. Also, it does not seem like other products (Ubercart) offer the functionality or the desired turnaround speed based on the fact that most modules haven't updated to 7.

My case is a little different because I need check boxes to be applied and then based on the data from check boxes I need the price generated, filling a tin with popcorn you have up to three different fillings. All one flavor might cost 45, but if you pair it with a different flavor it would be $40.

Were you able to get anywhere with your project?

greenavus on February 28, 2012

I am also having the same problem. Mt client sells duvets in different sizes and the bigger the size selected, the more expensive it is. With ubercart, this was a simple attribute that you created but with Drupal Commerce i dont see anyway to display it.

Drupal commerce product options module is great but unfortunately you cant attach a price to each product option.