Term Reference Vs List (text) for Product Attributes

What are the benefits and constraints of using Term References Vs List (text) for product attributes?

The reason I ask is because I have some very rarely used attributes which I don't believe warrant their own Taxonomy, but I don't want to create any constraints within the system by using a List (text) field opposed to Term Reference.

For testing, I have created two identical example product variations and products, however the attributes on one are implemented using Term Reference, and List (text) on the other. Apart from the standard functionality Taxonomy provides for Drupal; is there anything extra that it is utilized in Drupal Commerce (categories is an obvious one)?


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Posted: Nov 15, 2013


crontab on December 24, 2013

Following this up.."It's best practice to define a taxonomy vocabulary rather than a free text field.It provides consistency during data entry. List fields are necessarily the reserve of the developer and using them excludes the less technical site owner or administer from managing them." - rough extract from Getting started with Drupal commerce (Richard jones) p.26