Music download store

Hi there,

I´m quite new in the world of Drupal and drupal-commerce.
I do appreciate a lot the contribution of yours. I think the combination of DP7 and commerce is just a killer.

After a couple of basic play arounds I have realized the whole thing just blow my mind yet.

So I was wondering may some other guys want to do the same stuff like I´m working on.

Here is what I´m looking for:

A music download store based on DP7 drupal-commerce with the commerce-file modul in it.

Each song should be a single product with the commerce-file field and another field for a preview file who´s is stored in a public file folder.
The customer should allowed finding music by using taxonomy.

Therefor a temporary product page is needed, who shows all relevant product-line-items in a list, depends on what tags the customer hase chosen.

Each line-item in this, lets say result list, should show the product name, a link to the preview file and the "ad to card" button.

The customer should allowed either way, checkout by only paying without the need of an account, or make an account and get the benefit of
a download history and discount for example.

After a verified purchase the system should render a zip file (don´t know what module could provide this) of all single files of the cart.

Finally send a download link with a expiration date or ip etc.

So I hope some one like to get in this.


Posted: Nov 3, 2011


laraz on November 15, 2011

Which modules have you used? I want to do something similiar to the attachment. Preview the songs and select which songs of the album I want.

Brian on November 16, 2011

I don't see a big problem to build a shop like that. I've done a similar store not with music files but with documents. What you need is the file license module to enable the download, taxonomy to categorise and views to display lists/tables with sorting function. Somewhere in the general discussions I posted a chart how to build that up.

laraz on November 17, 2011

Hi Brian,

Do you know the link to the page you have posted the article?

Now I do it something similar with views. I attach the image. But I want to select with a checkbox which song i want and later press the button "add to cart".