Rental products

I'm wondering if it is possible to use Drupal Commerce in a product rental environment.

I want to run a shop that lets people rent audio/lighting equipment for party's. With optional: transporting the equipment and setting it up(installation) service.

My biggest problem are the cart "extra's":
- How can I add a transport/delivery service, price based on the shipping location?(the shipping plugin, uses a flat fee, but not a variable one based on different location)
- How can I add a rental fee per day, price based on the amount of rental days? (I must be possible to add 10 different items, and set the total amount of rental days to rental in the cart)
- How can I add a extra service, price based on the products in the cart? (example: an option that let us do the installation of the equipment, the price is based on the amount and sort of equipment(because some need more time to set-up/instal))

All these problems need to be extra options in the cart. If you would make these options attributes for a product it would be very complex for a customer.

Example of a customer:
- Party and want to rent some products on 4th of November.
- He wants the transport and installation service included.
- products: audio equipment, some lighting equipment, some different effects and a DJ (let say in total: 20 different products.)
- With the attribute in each individual product: the costumer has to enter 20 times the same details (amount of rental days, transport and installation service)
- With the cart "extra's" you could enter many options for all the products in a couple of clicks.

Posted: Nov 1, 2011


remixed on November 1, 2011

I installed the Commerce Custom Line Items module, but I don't really understand how a can apply the module 'Custom Line Item Types' to the shop.

Do you know if there is a little 'how to' about the use of Custom Line Items types?

remixed on November 3, 2011

The screencasts gave me a good idea about the custom line items. Still i don't know how i can give my customers the option to change the amount of rental days of 20 items with 1 click (instead of changing 20 products individually).

I would like to see an option to add a type of 'tax/vat' that adds 0%(1 day rental), 80%(2 days, rental), 140%(3 days, rental), the customer/user can chose how many days(extra tax %). Most of the taxes are already set by the admin, and not user variable(selectable/changeable).

The installation/setting-up option is also something that calculates the total amount by the amount AND type of products in the cart. But this has to be an selectable option in the cart(Yes or No). I think i can build the calculate part with rules, but how can i show the 'installation/setting-up' option in the cart?