Customising a product and passing it on to the cart (mod)


I'm new to the commerce module, but not to Drupal or PHP. I've looked through your documentation but it's not really supportive for modders (or maybe I haven't looked good enough).
I have to make a new module to customise the product an then pass it on te de shopping cart. This module will exist of some jQuery and some supportive PHP. When a customer is done customising, the product will have to be taken over again by the commerce module. My question is: where can I fit this in the commerce module? Where is the starting point of the cart code? What PHP POST data has to be sent to which script? Actually that isn't just one question, I'm sorry. But anyway, I would be happy if someone could push me in the right direction, e.g. some piece of documentation I missed or point me at the right piece of code to start looking into.

Thanks in advance,

Posted: Oct 9, 2013


DeepBlue on October 9, 2013

I found some post data with fiddler, although I have still no idea to which script this data is going, so any help would be appreciated