Commerce PDF Invoice


did anybody manage to do something useful with Commerce PDF invoice module?


Posted: Oct 27, 2011


dasmoermel on October 27, 2011


I try to use PDF Invoice for printing Eventtickets.
But at the moment I only took a quick look on it, but it looks promising.

My problem at the moment:
Each LineItem can have a quantity > 1, so it's not enough to only print the LineItem like an invoice.
But there could something be possible with the power of Rules and Views.

Why asking?
Interests in using that module or experience with it?


Najtsirk on October 28, 2011

I am asking becouse i tried to set Invocie PDF to set kind of pre-invoices, but i stuck with template design of PDF. Everything is positioned wrong and i didn't manage to change it in the right way.

So I was hoping maybe someone manage to set a working example of this and is willing to share it.


dasmoermel on October 28, 2011

Well, I tried a bit with positioning of items.
And it seems to work, but I only need to print some textparts.
The background will be a layouted sheet of paper.
I attached a screenshot of a ticket and the views.

As you can see, I have 3 fields to be printed. A tourname, tourdate and the price.

I use the PDF unformated -> PDF Fields
At PDF Field | Settings you can set up the pagelayout
For the tourdate, the positioning values are the last screenshot.

So, I think it will work, but ofcourse it needs a lot of testing for positionig item.