Displaying price with and without taxes


I would like to display my product's prices with and without VAT taxes. Example:

Price without tax: 1000
Price with tax: 1250

How can I do that without having my client to fill out two fields and add these prices manually? I would like to create the price with tax field in a way so Commerce will calculate it from the price without tax.

Bálint Deáki

Posted: Oct 27, 2011


mikeaja on January 4, 2014

I realise rfay posted this 2 years ago..... but it is an interesting problem still.

Absolutely no idea how rfay solved this with Extra Price Formatters. There seems to be no setting that enables two prices, one with and one without tax. If it was a different, less known user I would just assume they had misunderstood the issue.

@rfay, if this module really can be used to solve this issue, I think you have found a way to use it that others have not.