Odd Pricing Table Issue

When I add a cart and checkout, then come back to the website the pricing table of that product changes. Example below.

I buy a product for 28.00 and check out.
When I come back to the website the product has changed to 2,800.00. Then in the pricing table it goes from the quantity price range so
27.00 turns to 2,700.00 and 26.00 turns to 2,600.00 and so on.

Is this a known bug? and how do you fix it.

Posted: Oct 26, 2011


scott.carlton on October 28, 2011

I disable the Override price with price table rule and checked out with not issue to the price upon return to the products page. If Override price with price table is enabled the price after checkout again gets set two decimals to the right again. So it seems that it has something to do with the Price Table module.