Multi websites with Drupal Commerce


sorry for my poor English.
I'm looking for a functionnality, and can't found if it's supported by Drupal Commerce : is it possible to install one instance of Drupal Commerce, to manage multiple web sites, with one back-office ?

I mean : each web site will be different (specific catalog, specific customers...)

Other question : if it's possible, is there a way to have one "super" admin, able to manage every web sites, and one "normal" admin, for each web site, allowed to manage only his catalog, and his customers ?


Posted: Oct 26, 2011


fcharrier2 on October 26, 2011

Thanks for your reply. I had a look on this module, but I understand that users are shared between sites : " The module allows you to share users, content, and configurations across a group of sites".

Is it true ?