Store hours

Anyone figure out anything clever to show that the store is closed?

I learned a bit about rules with Randy Fay's discount videos (http://www.drupalcommerce.org/node/461 thanks Randy!) and, if the hours are the same every day, I can set a rule to display a message on initialization like so:

Then the conditions are today less than 7am and today greater then 5pm like so:

I'm new to rules so the "and/or"s are very confusing to me compared to programming. The hours of my shop are different on the weekends (saturday 7:30am to 2:30pm and closed on sunday) and I can't figure out the logic at the moment.

I'll keep plugging away but any suggestions would be much appreciated :)


Posted: Oct 26, 2011


switch on October 28, 2011

Added every day's hours to an "And condition" and placed an "Or" between each day. Here's the thought processed sudo for monday and tuesday: if it's not after 7am monday and it's not before 5pm on monday OR if it's not after 7am monday and it's not before 5pm monday...then show the message. My shop is closed on Sunday so I just did that same thing accept used 23:59:58 for opening and 23:59:59 for closing.