Commerce specific themes

There's been an ongoing lack of themes specifically targeted for commerce applications aside from Drupal Prosper theme.

I think now is the best time to incorporate commerce specific themes. The way I foresee this best occurring is if module contributors can provide themes with their modules so that content or layouts produced as result of enabling new modules can take on the appearance the developer envisioned originally. Obviously this option should be able to be toggled on and off.

Additionally, I think it be useful if module specific themes can be developed by others, so in essence each module would have built in and contributed themes. This could be very useful when it comes to structuring the product page layout for various applications.

As it stands now, I only want to use the Drupal Prosper theme for product content types, but want to use a more traditional non-commerce theme elsewhere.

How feasible is this?

Posted: Oct 24, 2011


Sean on October 26, 2011

Well there was always a shortage of Ubercart specific themes as well. Maybe there are a number of paid themes out there I didn't notice but whenever I searched for Ubercart themes the pickings were always slim.

I don't fully understand your idea, though, as it seems you're asking each contrib maintainer to create a theme, based on their module, for a Drupal site.

If this is the case, I don't think it would be very feasible. What module maintainer wouldn't make their theme the most prominent part of the page on which their module is displayed?

If you're talking about themeing just the module output, don't they do that already for the most part? If the module produces a table or something, the layout is usually specified within the module.

A lot of these modules are becoming more and more views dependent and so themeing views and those output will be the most important thing.

Lastly, I think layout are very user specific and impossible to create a catchall for every module.