Delete cart


when I add something to my cart it stays there "forever", also if i not visited the site for a couple days. I would like to clear it at least after some hours.

any one knows how to do that?

Posted: Oct 20, 2011


dasmoermel on October 20, 2011


You could write a rule for that.

For example you could trigger the Cronrun Event and set up the action "Remove all items from an order".
But i read that someone plans to write a cartexpiration module.


maze on October 20, 2011

hi. thanks for your answer.

i got this idea too, but the problem is:
if someone is doing his order and in this moment the cronrun starts his order is deleted.

i think i need the time when the order is last updated and then set a expiration time for that. or anyone has an easier workaround?