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Connecting the eCommerce Dots between Content and Sales

Website content drives customer experience and is key to guiding site visitors toward a purchase. Providing content relevant to your customer, and engaging that customer, is key to ensuring increased revenue.

In this webinar hosted by Acquia, Commerce Guys founder, Mike O'Connor will cover the changing landscape of the customer experience and the role that content creation and community must play in a successful eCommerce strategy.

Among the topics covered will be:

Building a Drupal Commerce store with almost no coding

Hi everyone, here is a case study about the recent personal business that I started, and how I’ve been able to build a complete working eCommerce store with Drupal Commerce, without being a developer and with almost no coding.

You can check the site at: coupledehuit.fr

Last summer, when I came back from my traditional wedding in China with my awesome wife, I realized that there was no way for us to buy clothes for couples in France, whereas it is so common in China.
That’s the reason why we decided (my wife and I) to bring that concept into Europe, starting in France. But we had to tweak the concept a bit to fit a European market, since European couples don’t act the same and tend to be more individualistic than Asian couples. So we had to create designs that our customers could wear separately, as well as a couple. We started with t-shirts since they’re fairly easy to produce and sell.

Augustin Delaporte
Posted: Feb 19, 2014
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