Customizable Products: Pizza Store

Learn how to create your own pizza store using customizable products in Drupal Commerce. I show you how to create your own custom line item type, assign it to a Product Display, add a field to your new line item type that references a taxonomy list. Each term has it's own price and your customers get a simple check "configuration" that adds costs to the final total.

Calculating shipping by weight of

This (raw) screencast shows how to calculate shipping based on weight of items in the order.
We add a weight field to the product, and then create a "calculation rule" for shipping that walks the line items on the order, checks to see which items have a weight, and for each of those adds more to the price of the shipping line item.
I've posted the result of this as a little feature module,
It was inspired by the questions at

Commerce Discount Campaign Feature

Discounts in Commerce have generally required configuration using rules, and have often required hand-applied configuration, which is probably out of reach for many site managers. In the Commerce Discount Campaign Feature ( I've put together a few rules with a content type so that discount amounts and dates can be done just by editing a node. This screencast tells how.

This project provides an easy way to do time-limited discounts in Drupal Commerce. A campaign is a time-limited discount that can be applied to any product.

Donations with Custom Line Item Types

This screencast shows how to use a custom line item type to allow your customer to specify a user-defined amount to donate. The line item has a Donation Amount field on it, and we then create a product display node that uses that custom line item. Finally, we use a custom rule to update the "price" of the donation product to the amount the customer has chosen.


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