Umeboshi is a high end shoe retailer with an artisan style brick-and-mortar shop located in Vancouver. The Jibe built Umeboshi a new website in order to better represent the unique in-store experience they provide online, and satisfy international demand for their curated collection of men’s and women’s shoes with user-friendly ecommerce capabilities.

We also developed some custom modules which:
a) Ensure that only available products (eg: in stock) are shown as options on the product page. Eg: if shoe X is available today in brown, size 6 and is sold, we ensure that shoppers don’t see this particular variation on the product page.
b) Extend the commerce coupon by providing the ability for shoppers to specify the value of the gift certificate. Additionally, allow site administrators to validate gift certificates and apply it to an order when redeem in person / in store.
Integration with POS was provided by a 3rd party.

Custom Pricing, Taxes, Checkout, or Shipping Rules
Rule for free shipping on orders over $750
Rule for free shipping for all orders, configurable to enable limited time free shipping
Facebook account creation/login during the checkout process


Company / Freelancer
The Jibe is a team of experienced and dependable developers and strategists whose passion is to deliver high-performance e-commerce solutions. With a focus on long-term relationships with our clients and partners, we specialize in delivering efficient, easy to use and cost-effective web solutions.