Online photography sales website. Customers can customize the framing and matting options for each print, or they can choose canvas or unframed options. There is also a blog and news section.

Fully responsive design, including registration, navigation, product view and checkout.

Modules Used

Commerce Kickstart plus 46 additional contrib modules.

Main ones:
Commerce Australia - regional requirements (GST etc)
Commerce Paypal
Boost - for performance
Commerce Bank Transfer
Disqus - commeting
Fancybox - modal view of product
Plus various others that help with backend/front end build.

Custom Pricing, Taxes, Checkout, or Shipping Rules

Free shipping
GST (tax) is calculated inclusive using the Commerce Australia module.
Product prices vary according to however the customer configures each product.
Gift coupons and purchasable gift vouchers will be added to the store shortly.

Build Details

Built over several months in my spare time, I even worked on it on a crappy netbook in hospital while my wife was recovering from birth.... yeah.

76 products, 18 variations each. Every variation has a different, photo of the product and framed/matte/print photos are each to scale.

The category view page has been simplified to only show the photos.

Fully responsive layout using Foundation CSS framework.


Captovate - www.captovate.com.au
Designed and built by: Tuan Nguyen - @tunapuff