Tele Greenland

Tele Greenland are moving from monopoly to Market Economy in the Telecom and Postal services.

The business issues:

  • How do we handle the new Market situation?
  • No online sales of hardware like phones
  • Website not usable on mobile
  • Ordering of broadband and mobile subscriptions done over the phone

Tele Greenland need a new technology platform that are:

  • Flexible (it’s a process)
  • Global platform with a Community
  • Easy to integrate with back-office Systems
  • Able to handle Content and Commerce
  • Can handle multi Sites & multi Language

Challenge 1: Shop in Drupal Commerce:

  • Integrated product feed from 3. party Brightpoint for sale on shop
  • Addition of products not delivered from brightpoint (iPhones)
  • Payment integration to ePay

Challenge 2: Non physical products

  • Custom info-types to represent phone and broadband packages and add-ons
  • TeleGreenland can configure broadband products and add-ons
  • Custom pricing rules for packages which have complicated cost structure
  • Separate ordering flow for broadband and phone packages (no payment)

The costumer portal is fully integrated with backend systems using web services.

Commerce add to cart confirmation
We use this to visually indicate that the cart has been updated.

Commerce Checkout Progress
We use this module to provide tabs for the steps in the checkout.

Flat rate
We use this one as a basis of the shipping services. We have some rules calculating the total shipping cost based on the number of items in the cart.

Commerce QuickPay
Payments are made with quickpay.

Customer profile type
We used this module to be able to have shipping, billing and installation addresses.

Commerce Features
This module enables us to have more of the commerce configuration handled by features, easing the deployment process.

Custom Pricing, Taxes, Checkout, or Shipping Rules
We have a custom rule calculating the shipping cost as base flat rate + (item count * item rate). We added the item rate as a new variable configurable for each flat rate.

Total number of products is around 100. Products are imported from Brightpoint and additional products are entered manually. System is prepared for extensive integration with backend systems at Tele. There is a seperate flow for ordering subscriptions implemented as entity forms.

Company / Freelancer
Carsten Anthonisen: Linkedin Profile

Tommy Davis: Linkedin Profile

Christian Borup: Linkedin Profile

Tom Helmer Hansen: Linkedin Profile

Anders Skov Pape: Linkedin Profile

Lasse Overgaard: Linkedin Profile

Erik Beuschau: Linkedin Profile

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