This website sells embroidery design files for different makes and models of embroidery machines. Products are digital files that you buy and download and feed into your embroidery machine. Every embroidery machine brand has a different file format so this website had to cater for that allowing customers to select which file format they want to purchase.

Modules Used
Commerce File - Products are digital products.
Commerce Coupon - Certain products categories carries specials.
Commerce discount - Giving customers discounts on all products regularly
Commerce Price Savings Formatter - Shows customers in a nice way what they are saving.
Commerce Single Address - Because it's digital products, you don't want to bother with shipping address and you want it to remember the customers address for future purchases
Commerce Reports - Gives sales reports
LoginToboggan - Gives customers the option to login with their email address.
Tag Clouds
Paypal WPS - Use Paypal as payment gateway

Custom Pricing, Taxes, Checkout, or Shipping Rules
Commerce Multicurrency - Customers can choose which currency they want to view products.

There are currently 182 products and about 8 product variations for each design

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