This is a Drupal Commerce based online store which sells probiotics. This
store is based on Drupal Commerce and not Commerce Kickstart. This site was
developed by Karakana Factoría TIC, a webshop located in Spain. We've
developed a custom theme from scratch for this website, based on the designs
provided by our graphic designer. The store owners give great importance to
the graphic design, so we had to take great care about this subject.

This is a multilingual site, but only spanish language is enabled now. More
languages will be enabled in the future.

There is a lot of landing pages, not linked from the site's menus, aimed to
be used for PPC (Google Adwords) campaigns (some screenshots attached).

There is only three products with no variations right now. In the mid term
we'll add more products and variations too.

Custom Pricing, Taxes, Checkout, or Shipping Rules
We've added custom rules to take into account the different use cases
needed to apply spanish VAT inside and outside of Spain and to calculate
shipping costs depending on the customer shipping address. Rules are really
powerful, but they are not suited for a common store administrator. There
should be another simpler way to do these kind of things in Drupal Commerce,
so a common store administrator could do those things. Even if Rules is under the floor.
It's a pain to maintain a lot of rules and, in our experience, a common store
administrator is not able to do it.

Company / Freelancer
This site has been developed by Karakana Factoría TIC, a webshop located in
Vigo (Pontevedra) - Galicia (northwest of Spain). We use many technologies to
develop our websites, but we love Drupal's power and endless flexibility, so
we use Drupal everytime we can. Besides it needs to improve a lot of things
(few good themes available, lack of basic functionalities compared to other
e-commerce engines, etc.), we love Drupal Commerce too.

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