Quick Project Summary

Lush Cosmetics is a £360m revenue business with over 900 shops in 51 countries, and needed to significantly grow their multi-channel business.

They implemented their new flagship eCommerce system for the U.K. in March 2014, built with Commerce Guys on Drupal Commerce technology. It’s the embodiment of Content, Community and Commerce and about as advanced as it gets.



In mid-2013 Lush approached Commerce Guys to better understand the combination of Drupal and Drupal Commerce. Based on information and experiences we provided the executive management team around the value, flexibility and total cost of ownership (TCO) of Open Source and Drupal, we were asked to facilitate introductions to a handful of suitable Digital Agencies and Drupal Commerce specialists in our partner network. Following this selection process we then supported i-KOS in a joint pitch for the technical platform and the build, which we won against some notable mainstream global e-Commerce vendors.

Six months on, several sprints and a thousand plus tickets later, the site has been successfully launched ( The creative design was conceived by Method (the London based agency) and the system is hosted by Acquia.

The system is technically advanced due to requirements for dynamic displays, interactivity and the beautiful look & feel. Commerce Guys played a significant role in developing and contributing back some very advanced functional modules, some of which are shown below:

  • Single page checkout with dynamically changing product quantity and delivery options
  • Real-time in-cart stock availability
  • Social Media Aggregator powering the Lush social bar and shop pages, including Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
  • Streamlined customer address book functionality
  • Next-generation postcode look-up functionality
  • Responsive design with seven breakpoints and eight states based on screen size as opposed to device type
  • Embedded videos regarding product stories and ethical initiatives
  • Product recommendations and personalized shopping experiences, powered by Nosto.
Showcase Developers: