Godwin Vaughan

Quick Project Summary
My first ecommerce site built from scratch using Drupal and Drupal commerce.

Modules Used
Commerce modules
Commerce taxonomy conditions (used to help with product taxonomy)
PayPal WPS module - so that users can pay via paypal
Commerce shipping - so I could set up shipping costs based on products and user location

Custom Pricing, Taxes, Checkout, or Shipping Rules
I set up rules first based on country, then based on number of goods in the basket, for example if the user was from the USA they'd only be presented with one shipping method. If the user was from someewhere in Europe they'd have 2 shipping options. If the cart had multiple items a separate shipping rate would get shown.

The project took about 6 months in total, the design went through several incarnations before the client settled on this layout. This being my first ecommerce site the turnaround time was quite long (6 months in total) but that was in line with the clients expectations.
I used a lot of tutorials and guides to help me through setting up modules, creating blocks and setting up paypal. The clients design was out of the ordinary in that the text about each product needed to appear in a different location to the images or the product.

Company / Freelancer
Tim Stanley