Ginkgo is a French fashion and garment manufacturing company with stores in
13 cities all over Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Ginkgo contacts Geekpolis to
develop an online shop solution with inventory management to increase global
brand reach and revenue through e-commerce.

Inspired by Hollister, we have designed a very sophisticated and modern user
experience using mobile friendly UI patterns and Ajax. This site is currently
generating more than 15k USD monthly and quickly growing as more products are
added and marketing activities start showing impact.

Modules Used
- Commerce Coupon
Manage coupon code (add, edit, delete).
- Commerce Coupon Fixed Amount
A coupon type for fixed amounts with some rules and restrictions.
- Commerce Coupon Percentage Amount
A coupon type for percentage amounts with some rules and restrictions.
- Commerce Multicurrency
Commerce multi currency support enhancements, switch current
Auto set currency conversion by European Center Bank or set currency
conversion manual.
- Commerce Stock API
Add a field for each product type to manage quantity of product
Validate “Add to cart” when product is out of stock
- Commerce Formatter Pricing
- Commerce Price Savings Formatter
Add a formatter for price product, display as total - discount.
- Cloud Zoom
- Commerce add to cart confirmation
Show a template message when add to cart successfully, user can goto
checkout if want.
- Commerce Reporting
Report total sales today, yesterday, last 30 days.
Report total sales by each year, each month, each week.
Customer report.
Report total sales on each product.
- Commerce Auto SKU
Auto generate SKU code for each product.
- Commerce Checkout Redirect
Force anonymous users to login before being able to checkout.
- Commerce fancy attributes
Provides better-looking attribute selectors for the add to cartform.
Ex: show color product,...
- Commerce Shipping
- Commerce Discount
Add discount for order (or product) with special conditions, ex:
total amount, user, product attributes
- Commerce Discount Date
Limit time for discount campaign, from startdate to enddate
- Commerce Discount Category
Add discount for each of product that it’s display contains
category condition.
- Payment
- Paypal WPS

- Add Multiple Products
Build a custom form to add as many products with differentvariations
+ images at once
- Custom Checkout Flow
Override default checkout flow: added a new checkout pane, added
custom coupon form to page cart. Override checkout, reviews, shipping page.
- Add custom Formatter Field
Add a new a formatter which allows display the second image when
hovered & set background color of html tag.
- Onepay - Payment Gateway in Vietnam
Add new a payment gateway such paypal payment.
- Commerce Cart Edit
Alter cart form to allow user can update product attributes for each
product in their own cart.
- Custom module to refresh product ID for line items when users update size
or color, though already in checkout.

Custom Pricing, Taxes, Checkout, or Shipping Rules
All prices are rounded up or down, so there are no $2.x cost for any items.
Even if we switch to another currency, it would sync to the actual value and
then gets rounded again.

We develop a custom module to refresh the product ID in the line items when
users update size or color, during checkout process. This way users can
change attributes of products even if it's already in the cart.

- Ginkgo needs an online shop with multilingual content
- Needs to be responsive.
- Quick (Modal) View of a product such that it doesn’t load the product
- Needs to be user friendly to create new product types (shorts, t-shirts,
bags), variations (sizes, material, colors).
- Needs to integrate with a local Vietnamese gateway in addition to Paypal.
- A custom user-friendly workflow for store admin: i.e the ability to Bulk
add multiple products with different sizes and different colors at once.
- During the checkout step, users should be able to change size or color
without the need to go back and make a selection again.
- Add products to basket via Ajax.

Team size: 2 back-end, 1 front-end, 1 PM, 1 QA

Duration: 3 months

Things we learned:
- Customizing/adding panes into checkout process to match business flow.
- Deeper architecture and API strucutre of Drupal Commerce.
- Setting dynamic discounts according to the logic given by client, (use
default, or custom).
- Managing coupons in a store.
- Rounding the price of a product.
- Add aJax quick view for each product.
- Update product attributes in a cart.
- Custom email template that is sent to customer.
- Knowledge about payment gateway.

Company / Freelancer
Geekpolis is a Drupal agency based in Vietnam. We have been building Drupal
sites for Billboard, BigCommerce, Wells Fargo, Sharp, United Nations and