ESL Jobs is a pioneering service provider in the $1.3 billion global English language digital learning products and services sector.
Their website is robust e-commerce platform that supports market-driven pricing, and is a global database of ESL schools and jobs that allows employers and potential employees to meet online in a much faster and much more efficient manner.

Modules Used
The entire Drupal Commerce core module suite
Commerce Addressbook
Commerce Beanstream (The Jibe is the maintainer of this module)
Commerce Credits
Commerce Node Checkout
Commerce Node Checkout Expire
PayPal WPS
Product Attributes
Product Option / Product Option Set Reference

There is also an entire suite of custom module that provide:

- A taxonomy pricing system. This site allows any ESL school or recruiting agency in the world to post a job posting on the site. Because the local economies vary greatly (eg: a $100 job posting is cheap in Japan but very expensive in Peru), the pricing is dynamic and based on the country where the job posting is for. Additionally, we also charge $1 per free tag created by the client. This allows to up-sell our clients while allowing them to show their ads in other context (eg: a view of all job posting tagged with “fun”). Because this is also driven by taxonomy, we have the ability to price the terms individually, so that really high value keywords can be priced higher.

- Handles credit redemption. Clients can purchase credits that provides them with a bulk discount on job postings. For example, one can buy $1000 of credits and get $100 of free posting (

A detailed outline can be found at:

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