Biofresh Cosmetics

Online Shop for Nature Cosmetics from Rose Oil. The
site uses Best Brand theme developed by MoreThanThemes.

Modules Used
The site uses a standard Drupal Commerce distribution plus a number of
- for payment- Paymill, Amazon Payments, PayPal, Bank Transfer
- login- Checkout Redirect, Checkout Complete Registration (for anonymous
- Discount/Coupon
- Invoicing- Commerce Billy, Commerce Billy Mail

Custom Pricing, Taxes, Checkout, or Shipping Rules
I am using custom shipping rules, based on the weight of the shipment- up to
2 kg, 2-5 kg, 5-10 kg. At the same time I am offering free shipment, if the
total amount of the order is bigger than a certain amount.
Also, a custom Checkout Pane is used to show the Terms and Conditions check
box at the checkout. The site is also set to use a customized taxes (or no
taxes if the the seller has no VAT registration).

Company / Freelancer
The site uses Best Brand theme developed by
MoreThanThemes and it has been configured and customized by myself- the owner
of the site, Lubo Bistrekov-,