Adds ecommerce interaction tracking for Piwik to Drupal Commerce.
Piwik is an php based open source analytics tool that aims to be an open source alternative to Google Analytics.
Piwik has several tracking functions for tracking ecommerce activities on your site. These are:

  • Ecommerce Orders (and products)
  • Ecommerce Cart update (and products)
  • Product (and/or category) page views

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This modules sends the order, cart and product page details from Drupla Commerce to piwik so it can generate the a bunch of reports which should help you to improve the shopping experience of your customers.


Installation / Configuration

  1. Install like any other Drupal module.
  2. Enable ecommerce tracking for your ecommerce site in your piwik installation. (Settings > Websites > 'Edit' and select 'Ecommerce enabled')
  3. For now there is no configuration necessary. But this might change in the future.


For now only order tracking is working. (Without category lookup per purchased product)
Missing:Cart tracking and product page view tracking will follow.


Similar Modules

This module is based on ideas from the Google Analytics Version of this module.