This sandbox module aims to provide a solid reporting system for Drupal Commerce, hoping to be a successor of Commerce Reports.
I've taken on maintaining Commerce Reports, but leaving below intact for idea of where I want to bring Commerce Reports.
Reasoning for this module:

  • Commerce Reports is based on order creation date and not checkout, technically certain orders could be created a day before checkout is finished, or midnight purchases.
  • Commerce Google Analytics triggers on checkout complete, therefore if you're using Commerce Reports and Google Analytics you will have two different datasets.
  • Reliable data from time of full payment.
  • In general, better tracking of revenue and earnings within Drupal Commerce.

Commerce Order Reports creates a new entity that stores data about orders, specifically (for now):

  • Order number and ID
  • Entry timestamp
  • Base price (includes discounts and coupons, any non-standard line items)
  • Shipping cost
  • Tax amount

The module enables a rule which triggers on the event "Order paid in full" - this was chosen over completed checkout for admin created and fulfilled orders.