Yottaa integration for Drupal Commerce.
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Yottaa?s web acceleration service delivers speed, scale, and security for any website.
Their customers enjoy site-wide performance gains, better visitor experience and higher conversions; and protection from service outages, malicious bots and hackers.
Yottaa is used by more than 85000 websites, and Commerce Guys is very excited to feature them on our Marketplace.
Merchants using Kickstart and Drupal Commerce can now easily integrate this service to improve their site performance in a mobile-friendly format and several ways to test, optimize and improve their site?s performance.


Yottaa Site Optimizer automatically accelerates web sites and mobile apps, reducing page load times and improving your visitors? ability to interact with every page on your site. And with Yottaa?s QuickTune? technology, you can customize your optimization settings to push site performance even further.

  • Front End Optimization: Automatically reduce asset size, minimize server requests, and facilitate parallel delivery of assets and execution of scripts.
  • Accelerated Dynamic, Mobile and Secure Content: Automatically apply device- and browser-specific optimization techniques and accelerate HTTPS (SSL) traffic.
  • Testing, Analysis and Optimization: Identify key bottlenecks, define custom rules for handling page assets, and visualize the impact on site performance and content rendering.

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The purpose of this module is to facilitate sign up to services that will pre-populate the api-key into the Kickstart or Commerce installation, allowing the user to use the Free services.
Yottaa offers the possibility to:

  • Check out a preview to see how your site would run with yottaa's optimizer enabled!
  • Activate a free trial of the optimizer to see for yourself!

If you're interested in using the free trial, they can provide a demo or walk you through the process (contact us via Live Chat once you log into Yottaa, or at [email protected]) Or, give it a shot yourself, using the Activation Wizard inside the portal.