Visitors Voice

On-site searchers are retailers' most valuable customers - help them and sell more.

1) Claim your 30 days free trial here.

2) Install our Drupal module
on your Drupal Commerce site.

3) Log in to your Visitors Voice
and copy/paste the access key into our module.

4) Set the URL in your Visitors Voice account to your Drupal Commerce site search
result list.

5) Choose which search index Visitors Voice should apply improvements to.

6) Install our tracking script with the Drupal
Piwik module

We are here to help! Contact our support.

On-­site searchers are retailers’ most valuable customers

Why? Because they are more likely to buy from you than others. Make it easier for them
to find the products they want to buy, and you’ll see a significant impact on the
profitability of your web or mobile site.

Visitors Voice tracks all searches and makes it easy to turn on highly configurable,
self­learning algorithms to your Drupal Commerce search in order to optimize your
conversion rates for the on­site searches.You can also manually arrange the search results as you want with our simple drag and drop interface. On top of that Visitors Voice will show you common error spellings, synonyms and other related search terms so you can fix them too at the same time.

All together Visitors Voice makes sure your visitors will never abandon your site
because they couldn't find no matter what language they used. With our volume based
pricing model, you can be sure you will get a great ROI on what you pay and the time
you spend.

Our clients has shown that up to 30% more visitors find when they search on sites with
Visitors Voice.

Quick installation with our module. Claim your 30 days free trial today.