Solutions for Google Shopping

Automation and Optimisation of Google Shopping /
Merchant Center Campaigns

Completely automate your Google Shopping campaigns & improve your ROI by up to 40% in just a few days with Smart FEED by Twenga Solutions.

What this module provides you

Unlock your Google Shopping performance with the most powerful automation solution:

  • 40% improvement in ROI
    Increase in traffic volume and profitability improved by an average of 40%
  • Results in less than 10 days
    Performance optimized in less than 10 days after activating the product
  • Traffic increased by 80%
    Advanced user profiling and precise conversion prediction


Turnkey solution

Smart FEED is instantly integrated into your existing campaigns for a simple and efficient setup. The solution drastically improves performance on Google Shopping by completely automating campaign optimization and management.

Product feed optimization

Smart FEED restructures product feeds by rewriting product titles and automatically selecting the best images to maximize visibility and click rate. The solution also automatically manages negative keywords and excludes low-performing products.

Automated bid manager

Real-time AdWords bids finely tuned at the most granular level and based on your ROI targets, catalogue changes and shopping trends. Twenga's conversion prediction engine is based on over 40 different variables to estimate the intention to buy for each product and adjusts bids in real time.

User profiling

Segment creation based on clients' typologies, their browsing history and the categories in your catalogue with bids adapted in real time for each segment. This feature also allows us to customize ad campaigns for people who have previously visited your retail site.

Predicting purchase intentions

"Google tracking is complemented by a system called Smart TRACKING, which detects weaker signals such as displaying product pages or adding products to the shopping basket to increase performance."

This new tracking system is the easiest to install on the market!

Performance optimization and monitoring

Our management interface allows you to follow and analyze your performance in real time as well as adjust your targets using our practical and intuitive dashboard.


Smart FEED registration takes less than 10 minutes. To subscribe, you will need to:

  1. Provide your feed URL
  2. Proceed with installing the Twenga tracker on your website with a simple copy and paste (5 min)
  3. Proceed with the verification of your website for Google Shopping

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