Salsa Commerce


Salsa Commerce integrates the Salsa Donation pages and peer to peer donation pages provided by Salsa Entity with Commerce.
The default credit card form is replaced with a commerce payment selection form. That allows to use all kinds of payment methods that are integrated with Commerce and not just credit cards. Payment then completely happens within Drupal and the donations are saved to Salsa through the API.


  • Integrate Commerce orders and payments with Salsa Donations
  • Makes it possible to validate and process payments within Drupal
  • Supports donation pages and peer to peer donation pages
  • Not yet supported: Integration with paid Salsa events
  • Not yet supported: Recurring donations


Salsa Commerce was built for D7. There will be no back port. Requires the Salsa Entity module and Commerce and their dependencies.


No documentation yet.

Known problems

There is currently no support for recurring donations.


Development and maintenance of this module is sponsored by MD Systems and Kampaweb GmbH.