Commerce Order FTP Export will automatically export an order and upload it to an FTP server.
Configure the FTP server by going to Store -> Configuration -> Order settings -> FTP Export
When an order is placed (checkout complete), the order is exported and uploaded to an FTP server. The order status is also changed from 'pending' to 'processing'.
Optionally, specific date based sub-folders can be created inside the remote folder specified in the configuration. For example, an order placed on October 6, 2012 can be uploaded into /[remote directory]/2012/10/order-8.xml
The output format is controlled by a template file, commerce-order-ftp-export.tpl.php. The default template exports orders into an XML format. To change the XML schema, copy the commerce-order-ftp-export.tpl.php file into your theme folder alongside your other templates. Then you can modify the template however you like. You can even change to a different format entirely (CSV for example).